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Meet Jodie Mahony


Jodie Mahony was born in El Dorado and moved to Central Arkansas where he graduated from Catholic High School. He attended Hendrix College to study Finance and History. After transferring to the University of Arkansas Little Rock, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and History. 

Jodie has been involved in politics since the age of 12; through his father, Senator Jodie Mahony II. After college graduation, Jodie served as a lobbyist for DDPA, AEDD, Easter Seals, and United Cerebral Palsy. Although he loved his duty as a lobbyist, he had to pivot into a different career during the 2020 Pandemic. Jodie was offered a position as a substitute teacher for the Maumelle Charter School. He now serves in the classroom every day! 

Jodie served a six year term on the Wolfe Street Foundation Board of Directors; one of which he was Vice President. He is currently residing on the Master Gardener Board and the Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. 

As a 10 year member of the Little Rock Rotary Club, Jodie served on the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and the Rotary Police and Fire Awards. He has since transferred his membership to the Rotary Club of Maumelle. 

Jodie Mahony is a lifelong hunter, fisherman and conservationist, Jodie is inspired by his uncles; Emon A. Mahony Jr. and Michael Mahony, both of whom were Game and Fish Commissioners. 


As Mayor of Maumelle, I will ensure that our community has competitive compensation packages to retain First Responders. Our First Responders do an excellent job of keeping our community safe and need to be recognized and compensated for their hard work.

I will also attract more small business into the community while supporting our current local businesses. These include retail, restaurants, industry and service based businesses. As the future Mayor of Maumelle, I want to know what you would like to see in our city. Please provide feedback HERE. 

Lastly, I will have an open door policy. This means that residents, businesses, and industry are all welcome to provide feedback, comments and questions directly to my office. When I am Mayor of Maumelle, the culture at City Hall will be one of transparency that welcomes all Maumellians. 




Kids: Abbey Mahony 19, Tyler Mahony 22, Jodie Mahony IIII - 26, Alex Howell 29,  Michael Howell, Jordan Mahony 32


Grandkids: Royal (Ben) Howell 8, Eliot Howell 5


Mom:  Sherry Bartley

Dogs: Callie and Maggey

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